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Kultur som vitenskap

oktober 10, 2011

Rietdijk feels that current intelligentsia largely adjusted to the status quo, among which are vested interests and habits of thought. So much so that, in actual fact, it has not much original to say anymore.

Why by far most content of our philosophy, high-brow periodicals and cultural supplements is studied and pretentious non-information? Think of incoherent modern art, novels containing triviality about every-day life and not very impressive people and, above all, the pervasive message from philosophy and social discussion that good and evil are relative, the world is incoherent, life consists of (accidental) personal relationships, you should adjust to your social environment, the here and now and the incidental are all-important and ideas like progress, a deep meaning of life and coherent evolution of the world and our individual person are bunk.

Wim Rietdijk


From → Politikk

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