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Dreams in Polar Fog: Proposed Nordic Defense and Security Cooperation

januar 18, 2011

Maritime monitoring is a central focus of the report with three separate but interrelated recommendations. These include establishing a Nordic maritime monitoring system, a joint maritime response force, and a joint satellite system for surveillance and communications. The monitoring system and the satellite proposal all reflect the need for improvements in the ability to monitor civilian and military shipping, environmental data and pollution. This need will increase if shipping volume in the region increases due to sea ice melting or development of energy projects such as the Shtockman field. Norway is in the process of developing a civilian-military Barents Sea monitoring system called Barents Watch, and Sweden and Finland are currently expanding their joint defense surveillance system to the entire Baltic Sea. Stoltenberg calls for a joint Nordic effort to ensure that national efforts are combatable and do not replicate functions. A joint satellite would allow for complete and constant monitoring of the entire Nordic region, as well as enabling secure communications in the event of a crisis.

Fra Wikileaks Cablegate.

Samtidig i Tyskland; «German Executive Suspended for Criticizing European Satellite Project» fra New York Times.

UPDATE: Les også «Den første som blir sparket pga Wikileaks lekkasjene: Berry Smutny» og «Norge tar del i EUs presisjeprosjekt innenfor romfart: Jan Mayen» fra bloggen

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