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Energy Island

august 7, 2009

From a distance it looks like an island paradise, but get closer and those tall structures that could be palm trees turn out to be wind turbines – and the surf laps against wave barrages instead of sandy beaches. Welcome to «Energy Island», a vision of how humans could help meet our future needs for energy, food and water using the power of nature in the tropics.

Alex Michaelis, the architect who gave David Cameron’s west London home a green makeover – complete with miniature wind turbine, solar panels and water recycling system – will launch the concept this year with a bid for funding worth $25m (£12.6m) from Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Earth Prize.

Les «Energy islands could use power of tropics, says innovator», Guardian 2008. Se også «Tapping The Source: The Power Of The Oceans», fra Peak Energy blog og «Tuvalu hopes solar project inspires climate talks; nation sets goal of 100 percent clean energy by 2020», EnergyEfficiencynews.

Se OTEC-konseptet omtalt i siste nummer av RechargeNews.

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