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USA kollapser som et korthus

juli 3, 2009

Arnie sammen med Warren Buffet og Jacob Rothschild

Besides California, which has infamously showcased its decline into bankruptcy, over many years – Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Mississippi and Pennsylvania hang in the midst of emergency scenarios that could ultimately leave some bankrupt and/or without properly functioning governments.

Widely reported as a near-bankrupt entity, California will literally run out of money tomorrow. At that point, the state will be forced to issue nearly $3 billion in “IOUs” (promises to pay…I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting to collect, though) for July alone. Faced with a reported $24 billion annual deficit, by far the largest in the US, California is expected to drastically cut public services, and even release some prisoners back into society, before their sentences expire. Once the bastion of American success, California is now on the brink of resembling a third-world hell hole.

Fra UPDATE: «California budget cuts may weaken Lee Baca’s threat to close a jail», LATimes.

Samtidig nekter Fed kjennskap til 873 milliarder i statsobligasjoner funnet i Italia, les saken omtalt i Økonomisk Rapport.


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