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Arne Treholt sett fra Russland i dag

desember 20, 2008

Dude fra PST holder i håndtaket på barnevognen,
nettopp i den posisjonen spanerne hadde da de med selvutløser
foreviget Arne Treholt og KGB-general Genadij Titov i Helsingfors.

An appeal of Arne Treholt, a former Norwegian top diplomat who was convicted in 1985 for spying for the Soviet Union and Iraq during the Cold War was rejected yesterday by the Norwegian Criminal Cases Review Commission, news agencies are reporting.

Treholt who at that time was given a 20-year prison sentence for espionage failed to get a new hearing. His latest and probably final appeal was rejected in a 4-1 ruling by national commission after a lengthy investigation, news agency The Associated Press reports, referring to the commission chairwoman Janne Kristiansen. «It should not serve as a rubber stamp for authorities and courts,» Treholt was quoted as saying by Norwegian news agency NTB.

The now 66-year-old Norwegian was a rising diplomat when he was arrested in January 1984 at Oslo’s airport on his way to an alleged meeting with a Soviet KGB official in Vienna. At the time of his arrest he was a spokesman for the foreign ministry. Treholt has always denied the charges. He has, however, conceded that he met with a KGB officer and violated his civil servant’s code of silence. Treholt has been seeking to clear his name since he was pardoned and released in 1992 on health reasons. The Supreme Court has twice refused to hear his appeal. After his release, Treholt has lived in Russia and also in Cyprus. A few years ago he published an autobiographical book, Grasoner (Grey Zones).

The independent commission was created in 2004 and can order a review if «new evidence or new circumstances» come to light or if a criminal offence was committed by investigators, prosecutors, defence lawyer or others, news agency DPA expands. 

Arne Treholt is now a businessman based in Cyprus. Since 2004 he heads the FMC Securities; earlier he was the Managing Director, President of the RIM Investment Management (since 1998), Vice President of START group, Moscow (1995-1997). He was also President of Ismos Trading, Moscow 1993-1995. Treholt served for the state of Norway as a Counselor in Norwegian Mission to the UN (economic development) New York (1979-1983); Deputy Minister of Law of the Sea, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1976-1979); Political Secretary of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Shipping (1972-1976).

Les here «Criminal Cases Review Commission rejects Norwegian Cold War spying appeal.» i Eurasian Secret Services Daily.

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  1. o.lovricheva permalink

    where he is now. I used to know him. want to get in touch if it is possible.


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