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UFO-hacker offer for Pentagons budsjettspill

september 3, 2008

Det britiske IT-magasinet The Register har i dag offentliggjort et intervju med Mathew Bevan, som midt på 1990-tallet ble avslørt da han brøt seg inn i amerikanske militære IT-systemer på jakt etter spor av Pentagons befatning med UFO-er. McKinnon har også forklart at han lette etter UFO-spor under sine innbrudd. En annen likhet mellom de to tilfellene, er at innbruddene til Bevan ble stemplet som eksempler på kyberterrorisme under en høring i det amerikanske senatet i 1996.

Den store forskjellen mellom McKinnon og Bevan er at Bevan aldri ble siktet i USA, og følgelig heller ikke begjært utlevert. Han ble i stedet straffeforfulgt i Storbritannia. 18 måneder etter siktelsen, ble saken henlagt av britiske myndigheter. Bevan har siden arbeidet som konsulent innen IT-sikkerhet.

Ypperlig artikkel om Gary McKinnonDigi. Samtidig som McKinnon risikerer å bli utlevert til USA går amerikanske soldater som har skutt («friendly fire») britiske soldater fri i «land of the free, home of the brave». Se også «Informasjonssamfunnets aktivister» i siste LeMonde.

WE COULD REALLY DODGE THE TAX MAN when we are capable of economical space flights that make us invisible to radar, it must scare the hell out of the government. Why else would they create these multi-billion dollar boondoggles like the Delta Clipper, a VTOL spacecraft that uses rehashed old technology, right out of an old Buck Rogers movie? I mean come on; they’re going to spend our tax dollars on technology that is so out dated, its laughable. While at the same time they’re developing advanced solid-state systems for themselves.

What a rip off, they have pulled the wool over the eyes of an entire planet. All this just to distract us from the truth that Human Space Flight Capability has advanced to the point where any intelligent, well-financed individual or country could achieve interstellar flight with a highly reliable, and relatively safe means of propulsion. I would expect that many encounters with other world craft have shown that their missions were civilian, and merely for the purpose of cruising, checking out the scene as it were.

On worlds without oppression, these advances are exploited by anyone who’s interested in traveling to other star systems. This of course would be a frightening factor to imperialistic forces seeking to enslave everyone with taxes on every square inch of ground. After all, if everyone could just go where they wanted who would want to prop up their system. What if you could have your own place, on any handy piece of rock, in space?

There is no better way to beat the taxman than to have truly your own property. Out of their grasp and free to exploit in any way you choose. Think of the freedom we would have with the ability to go from place to place, without having to buy expensive fuel all the time! We could all be truly rich. In the next section of this book, I will disclose some of my own ideas that were not possible before I knew about these systems.

Fra klassikeren «The UFO Technology Hackers Manual«.

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