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Historien til en Illuminati-avhopper

desember 18, 2007


Ill. Monte Carlo losjens våpenskjold (dagens P2-losje)

UPDATE: Følg Troy Space for utviklingen rundt Leo Zagami.

Den distingverte italienske aristokraten Leo Zagami får forståelig nok kritikk fra flere hold. Er han ekte? Er han bare ute etter penger? Er han simpelthen gal? Mange i tradisjonelle konspirasjonsmiljøer har kastet seg over han og tatt han for god fisk. Andre mener han umulig kan snakke sant. Jeg har møtt mannen flere ganger og kan bekrefte at han hverken er gal eller falsk. Mannen er intet mindre enn det nærmeste vi er kommet en Illuminati-avhopper i nyere tid. Det hele er ganske utrolig. Øystein Sørensen må være frustrert over dette.

Jeg fikk denne emailen som er skrevet som et svar på Masonicinfo.com sitt forsøk på i diskreditere han. Masonicinfo, som forøvrig er en bra webside om frimurerskepsis, greier ikke helt å «ta» Zagami etter dette svaret:


I’m sending you a a few photos and some documents that can help you in the research of Brother Leo Zagami (myself)  initiated in your eyes IRREGULARLY at the age of 23 by Prince Alliata di Monreale (later in his own Supreme Council  of the AASR known also as Ordine dell’Aquila e della Spada) a minor but important masonic Obbedience close to the 33o Supreme Council in Washington (were Prince Alliata have been an important member for many years as you can check for yourself), later I regularized my position in REGULAR FREEMASONRY in Kirby Lodge 2818 of GREAT QUEEN STREET with the emulation Rite (United Grand Lodge of England HQ’s ) by none other then the prestigios mason Julian Rees (my masonic mentor for a time) and editor of Freemasonry Today.

I have also  participated and been a member of the Lodge Monte Carlo of WM.Ezio Giuchiglia close to the Grand Orient of France and the CLIPSAS network  and not recognized by the UGLE but closely connected with the P2 Lodge after they had to leave the Grand Orient of Italy due to the scandals, the P2 infact didnt like you erroneously said close down in 1976 but continued as a IRREGULAR LODGE to this day. I was never a member or participated to any Lodge meetings of Port of Hercules Lodge #4626 working under the UGLE. On the 25th of Jannuary 2005 I went to create with a few other UGLE rebel masons from Double Horizon 9269 what became the Regular Grand Lodge of England of Bro.Rui Gabirro working in close collaboration with the Monte Carlo Lodge.

I was a member for a number of years of the Ordo Templi Orientis Caliphate of William Breeze and the Ordo Templi Orientis  FHL of Brother Roberto Negrini, the Fraternitas Rosacruciana Antiqua  of Bro.Emanele Coltro Guidi and the Memphis and Mizraim Rite (were I reached the 33o 90o 95o, Gastone Ventura lineage and Michael Bertioux lineage in line with the OTOA).

I worked togheter with the SRIA and Bro.Robert Gilbert of QC 2076 research Lodge in a known investigation against satanic infiltrators. I have alot more to tell you but first of all I wanted to let you know that Freemasonry is not only the so called Regular Freemasonry ruled by the UGLE but there is alot more to it especialy in places like Italy were we have 160 Obbediences!!! I was also Honorary Grand Master for a time of the GLIDI of WM.Roberto Amato and I was member of the Minerva Lodge in the city of Turin and Im still welcome in the Garibaldi Lodge of the Grande Oriente Italiano di Piazza del Gesu’ a minor Obbedience but a very open minded one thanks God…

I  was also a 33o member of the Supreme Council of the GLUT of GM.Luigi Piazza maybe not regular in your eyes but very powerfull in the italian scene. .. I know what you are thinking about alll this irregularity in my masonic conduct but I never said the illuminati were regular Masons we know very well for a fact that the true history of the illuminati his to be found in fringe masonry as you should know as historians.


To refresh your mind on who is Ezio Giunchiglia the very powerfull Worshipfull Master of the Lodge Monte Carlo ,  and how powerfull he is in the Vatican illuminati establishment just check this social network diagram, co-founder with P2 Lodge Supremo Licio Gelli  and William Rosati (P2 Senior member, Genova, capo gruppo 15, fasc 673 and CIA agent) of the the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico – Masonic Executive Committee (MEC).

This Higly irregular (masonicly speaking ) Committee was created togheter with the Monte Carlo Lodge in 1976 to control of behalf of the  GLADIO/P2  network the italian and the French masonic right wing scene quile secretely doing a big quantity of business and intelligence deals on the side supported by the Vatican. The P2 even after 1976 kept on working in secret with the Grande Oriente d’Italia untill 1981 this is a well known fact for  serious masonic historians , that year when the scandal whent public they decided to start operating in a different way.

Trough a radical trasformation of the Italian masonic scene in a miriad of different Masonic Obbediences each with their own Grand Master , the P2 could now control  several Grand Lodges not one anymore and the dirty business could be sorted out in the more irregular ones leaving so called Regular Freemasonry in no position of controlling them anymore. The P2 membership from 1976  to 1981 increased so much (nearly 3000 members ) that this solution was a far better one then keeping on creating various divisions of the same organizzation.

I became a official member of the Monte Carlo Lodge in 1999 the year of true masonic light 5999 ,  like you can check on the photo of  my Monte Carlo Masonic Passport . In this year the Monte Carlo Lodge went trough a profound change and founded the Universal Unity illuminati organization also open to women, known to the inner circle as Ordo illuminatorum Universalis or «Universal Order»  this new structure within the pyramid is constituted of  several clubs worldwide that have an astrological name connected to the city were they are based. I include in the e-mail attachments the Universal Unity Statute of 2005 .

Were we find the following:

The Free Association assume the name of «Universal Unity» (U.U.). The Association has unlimited duration and establishes its main registered office in Montecarlo, Principate of Monaco, 38 Av. Dell’Annonciade (www.universal-unity.net)  – a web site that was closed down after I started illuminati Confessions – and its administrative office in Italy- Sanremo (18038) Str. Sen E. Marsiglia 131 (Murgia House- Tel and Fax: 0039 0184 557 508)

You will notice after your own personal investigation that the address in Monaco is the residence of Ezio Giunchiglia treasurer of the Propaganda due Lodge and the address in Sanremo instead belongs to Regular Freemason Francesco Murgia of the Grande Oriente d’Italia who was in charge of the so called internal Masonic Court of the GOI during the P2 trial and a personal friend of GM.Gustavo Raffi and author of many masonic books including one on the P2…what a joke so called Regular Freemasonry and their so called internal courts.

In the Monte Carlo Lodge we had amongst our illustrius members a very well known Brother of the Grand Lodge of New York Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri (P2) director of the Rotary Club in New York ,the infamous now defunct Paul Marcinkus of the IOR , MWGM.Luigi Piazza of the Gran Loggia Unita Tradizionale, GM.Mauro Lazzeri  of the Grande Oriente Universale .  Deputy Grand Master of the Gran Loggia d’Italia degli ALAM (Palazzo Vitelleschi the second biggest Obbedience in Italy) Dr. Giorgio Santoro GM.Francesco Toti della Gran Loggia Scozzese indipendente d’Italia, il  Duca Francesco Maria Mariano, duca d’Otranto e di Lipari Head of the italian Heraldic Council (in charge of the Knights of Christianity organization working for the Vatican Opus Dei leader Carlo Maria Baserga owner of the illuminati/Opus Dei HQ’s of Villa Leona in Bologna and  illustrius Masonic scholar Vittorio Vanni one of the most important Freemasons at the moment in the Grande Oriente d’Italia and also a S::I::I:: of the Martinist Order (G.Ventura lineage) , GM.Roberto Negrini of the illuminati Rite of Memphis and Mizraim in Bologna and leader of the OTO FHL, Grand Master Tiberio Terzuoli of the Serenissima Gran Loggia Nazionale, GM.Giuseppe Sabato of the Gran Loggia Massonica Italiana and many more from the italian scene including at the time Brother Alberto Moscato Grand Master of the Ordo Templi Orientis Caliphate in Italy (who died in misterious circumstances),  then we have a few illustrius rappresentatives of the French scene as well like masonic scholar and famous illuminati of the Memphis and Mizraim Rite Jean-Pierre Giudicelli, the second pillar of the Group of Thebes and the Head of the Secret Police in Nice Marcel Chirlou the leader of the Knight Templars in the South of France.

W.Bro.Julian F.Smith European representative of the Shriners. An honorary membership of the Monte Carlo Lodge was even  given to famous Vatican Researcher Massimo Introvigne of CESNUR (also involved in the illuminati Group of Thebes)  by Brother Jonothon Boulter chairman of the New Right, a Brother of the P2 network  and a  founding member of the Regular Grand Lodge of England but still involved in the United Grand Lodge of England in Double Horizon 9269. And let’s not forget  in the MEC of Monte Carlo we also find Rui Alexander Gabirro who’s real name is Mangovo Ngoy Past Grand secretary of the RGLE. Cav. Co. Philippe Emmanuel Court de Fontmichel responsible for the Order of the Saint Maurice and Lazzarus in Nice close to the Savoy family and the the italian Gian Nicola Amoretti leader of the Unione Monarchica Italiana. In the Universal Unity we find also Lon Milo Duquette 32o AASR Freemason (California) currently the O.T.O.’s United States Deputy Grand Master General and Bro.Simon Kane past Lodge Master of the OTO in London. And more ….including the female section of the Universal Unity close to the Zonta international Network and their Monaco section in the hands of female freemason Gisella Treves one of the founders of the U.U.


«..an island deprived for billionaires, gangsters, cabins occult,
deposed kings, secret service and armed bands.» via Privat Islands blog.

Cavallo is a French island, very close to the southern tip of Corsica. It is privately owned, so access is limited. You may enter the small port of Cavallo and visit the island by foot. There is a little commercial centre, with shops and restaurants and quite a few private luxury villas, including the Summer residence of H.H. Victor Emmanuel, the supposed king of Italy in exile…or Prince to be more precise.

Victor Emmanuel in 1978 on the island of Cavallo, south of Corsica discovered that the rubber dinghy of his yacht had been tied to another boat. He took a rifle and went to confront the boat’s owner, shooting at a passenger on the boat but missing him and hitting Dirk Hamer, a man sleeping on the deck of another yacht moored nearby, who subsequently died of his wounds.

What do you think as happened after the serious crime offence to the powerfull Grand Master of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus ?


In 1992, the Prince was naturaly  cleared of manslaughter charges…well…well…

More recently, he was involved in a brawl after a dinner hosted by his cousin the illustrius King Juan Felipe I of Spain to celebrate the wedding of his son when he punched his rival, Amadeo of Savoy, the Duke of Aosta, twice in the face. Amadeo is regarded by some monarchists as the true heir to the Italian throne, as Victor Emmanuel was obliged to renounce his claim to the throne as one of the conditions for being allowed to return to Italy.

But  last year Prince Victor Emmanuel  was arrested by police investigating claims relating to corruption and prostitution  According to police, the man who would have been King if Italy  had not exiled the Royal Family in 1947 was arrested in the northern Italian city of Lecco in connection with the alleged recruitment of prostitutes for casino clients…and alot more…the investigation was conducted as usual by Public Prosecutor Henry Jonh Woodcock with no results.

The links to Mussolini, who sided with German dictator Adolf Hitler in World War II, continue to dog the House of Savoy.

In 1997, Prince Victor Emmanuel told an interviewer on Swiss television that Mussolini’s race laws were «not that terrible».

Victor Emmanuel is no stranger to controversy. The 69-year-old Prince has previously been accused of dealing in arms for the Shah of Iran and was even put on trial – but subsequently acquitted as usual – He is a powerfull member of the P2 Lodge elite and a big dealer in the weapons market. The island of Cavallo his summer residence is an important base for the various illegal operations connected to the italian illuminati. This place should be closely monitored by researchers in this field.



Conde Don Fernando Campello Pinto Pereira de Sousa Fontes, the current Prince Regent and Grand Master of the Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani …The Supreme Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem.

His Serene Highness Prince Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre, Prince of Monaco, Marquis of Baux.

H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince Albert II is  : Grand Cross of the Order of Grimaldi, April 18th , 1958 ; Grand Cross of the Order of Saint-Charles, March 13th, 1979 ;  Colonel of the Carabineers, November 11th, 1986.

Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples (Vittorio Emanuele Alberto Carlo Teodoro Umberto Bonifacio Amedeo Damiano Bernardino Gennaro Maria di Savoia) (born February 12, 1937) was the last Crown Prince of Italy .

Vittorio Emanuele is also the Grand Master of The Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus and long standing P2 member. you can find more interesting info on the Monte Carlo Lodge here.


Henry Kissinger

Michael Arthur Ledeen

In the year 2002 the  Universal Unity book was published by Ezio Giunchiglia  with the 33 Protocols of the Monte Carlo Lodge for internal use, a limited number of copies of this book are still in my hands for the most serious reasearchers.

Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan

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  1. What role plays P2 member Georgio H. Balestieri in the Italian game these days. He is now residing in the Republic of San Marino and in Rome?
    He surfaces in the strangest places promoting dubious financial transactions, using Angelo Boccardelli as a front. Borcadelli is the former right hand man to the late ambassador M.G. Ugolini.
    Balestieri appears to be utilizing his P2 membership/association to gain access to various lodges in the world to promote his shemes.
    Who are the people behind Balestieri?


  2. No idea. These guys seems to be untouchable, both Henry Woodcock and De Magistris were cut short of exposing them in court. Who’s on top of these schemes are very hard to figure out without being a part of the networks. We probably have to wait for the next defector.


  3. there is so many criminals out there that it is very hard to distinguish the good from the bad how ever I am going to keep on gardening and if one of them comes for my wealth of my garden I am going to blast them to smitherine
    As a young men in Italy my fathers cry’s were that God had screwed up and he said that God should have burried the food ten feet underground so that when one felt hungry he would have to work in order to eat so I told my dad that God had created such amen with his intention or idea, his name was George Washington and Rodger Sherman ,it was called the coinage act of 1792 read sec. 9 and sec. 19 and thats the law of the land today , so why would anyone have to file an income tax when they have been robbed by the federal reserve murders ?


  4. Paisano dove sei mi telefoni per piacere ?253-565-4551


  5. Hello, everything is going nicely here and ofcourse every one is sharing information, that’s truly fine, keep
    up writing.


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