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Tunnel for båter planlegges i Norge

desember 17, 2007


OSLO (Reuters) – Norway has drawn up plans to build the world’s first shipping tunnel which would save time and money for vessels passing through a coastal area known for its dangerous seas.Strong winds, high waves and powerful currents in the area of Stad on the southwest coast of Norway cause long delays while ships wait for calmer conditions.

A recent report from the Norwegian Coastal Administration recommended building the 1,700-metre (5,577 feet) tunnel and concluded that it would be cost effective.

The tunnel, estimated to cost around $310 million and take five years to build, would cut through a peninsula, saving ships the risky journey around the coastline.

The idea to build a shipping passage was first put forward long ago. Some say the first sketch was made in 1870, others say plans started around 1920 with the idea of building a canal through the peninsula.

But in the 1980s, the concept gained momentum and the government got involvement.

«What’s new is that we have managed to calculate the costs of waiting,» coastal director Kirsti Slotsvik told Reuters. She said the tunnel could also prevent loss of life.

Kilde: Reuters.

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