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Malteserordenens hemmeligheter og italiensk maktkamp

august 10, 2007

Den ypperlige Leo Zagami fortsetter med sine interessante referanser og kommentarer. Nå gir Leo oss en «heads-up» på en lengre artikkel om malteserordenens historie på bloggen Occultus Verum.

Artikkelen gir et interessant perspektiv på hvit/sort magi diktomien. Som ekspert på italienske losje-forhold forteller han om den pågående (evige?) maktstriden i hjemlandet:

Gordon Brown, the new Prime Minister of Great Britain supported by the most conservative elements in the United Grand Lodge of England (Templar/Knights of Malta Freemasons) is openly preaching for the New World Order. Yes «Brother» Brown doesnt seem to be scared of coming out of the closet as you can notice from this video (Gordon Brown New World Order Speech, YouTube) to reveal himself as the strongest supporter of this criminal enterprise we call NWO.

In the meantime Italy is in turmoil following the possible police investigation of their Prime Minister Romano Prodi by Italian magistrate De Magistris in a case regarding the secret masonic lodge of San Marino.

The italian Prime Minister and Bildeberger illuminati Romano Prodi seems to be involved with a group of Freemason criminals, yes real criminals who like to get togheter in these very secretive lodges so they can steal money from the EU, apparentely 200 million euros went missing, yes money we finance with our taxes my dear Europeans so wake up!

This Grand Lodge based in the so called Republic of San Marino (a special country with a special status you should check out for yourselfs on the net because it’s an illuminati base) was apparentely considered a regular masonic Lodge at an international level, and had the support of the powerfull United States Grand Lodges and the Grande Oriente d’Italia.

The brother of Romano Prodi is also involved in freemasonry at the highest level , and participated this year to the annual gathering arranged by the Grand Master of the Grande Oriente d’Italia Gustavo Raffi in Rome who at the same time refused to give the list of his 20000 members to the magistrates (La Repubblica).

The infamous Ezio Giunchiglia the tresaurer from the P2 said to me a couple of years ago in monaco that Prodi’s brother is also secretely involved in stealing money from the EU …well…well…but he seems protected by the international illuminati network and not exposed yet by De Magistris or the other big enemy of the italian illuminati the magistrate Henry John Woodcock, a clever guy who is investigating these corrupt lodges in Italy.

The Prime Minister of Italy Romano Prodi the man who as been in charge of the EU for so long shouldn’t be involved with these criminals and should resign from his present position, but that’s not gonna happen my Basso friends, and the opposition alternative is Silvio Berlusconi another P2 member , so not much better I’m affraid.

The illuminati resistance needs to finaly get togheter and start fighting these evil forces, forces like the infamous Bohemian Grove Club that is gathering at the end of July 2007 like every year for their obscene rituals at Monte Rio, obviously with a few prostitutes on the side to make things a bit more interesting for the willing sinners: David will be there (David Rockefeller, Sr.), Donald will be there (Donald Rumsfeld) and many others deciding in front of their divinity the ancient demon Moloch for the future of the world, so why should we let them do it?

It’s completely insane if you think about it, and its quite sad that the only true anti Bohemian Grove activist is maybe giving up this year after so many years of resistance. The reason? Competing commitments, fatigue and limited time — the same reasons so many other things don’t get done in life, Camp Meeker activist Mary Moore said. Moore, 72, first helped organize demonstrations outside the Bohemian Grove in 1980 and has been the primary torchbearer since as part of the Bohemian Grove Action Network. We hope she will be joined by more people next year and we hope that our readers will join the anti-illuminati strugle of the end of times in one way or the other to fight the New World Order.

Did you know that the Kind of Sweden is one of the High Priest of the Boehmian Grove rituals? They are all a bunch of perverts including the King of Sweden my dear friends don’t trust them and forget being microchipped by them. See ya soon and become involved in the illuminati Resistance!

Leo Lyon Zagami now Khaled Saifullah Khan

En ekte frihetskjemper! Han tipser også om planer om å implantere biochips i hjernen til amerikanske soldater (Se Pentagon to implanet microchips in soldiers’ brain).

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