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SISMI spionerte på 200 dommere under Berlusconi

juli 8, 2007

gheddafi-berlusconiDen militære etterretningstjenesten i Italia spionerte på
mer enn 200 europeiske dommere i Silvio Berlusconis regjeringstid.

Fra Dagsavisen.

Leo Zagami supplerer:

More interesting revelations from Rita Pennarola on my ex Brothers of the P2 and all the others corrupt masons involved in the latest scandals…Masons linked to the Vatican are apparentely under scrutiny these days in Italy including my ex friend Mauro Lazzeri :

Latest news from Italy says Rita Pennarola and the other journalist of La voce della Campania have been secretely and illegaly monitored by the italian military intelligence for nearly two years . The reasons seem quite obvious to me…This strange episode came out on the mainstream news in Italy this week creating quite a reaction, and is obviously a scandal for the illuminati intelligence operating illegal investigations on journalist who are obviously doing their job in a proper way making it difficult with their news for these criminals.

The Vatican is deeply involved in these scandals linked to these secret masonic Lodges in Italy and San Marino without forgetting the infamous Andorra Lodge another bunch of top illuminati criminals.

All this quile the Italian Grand Master and his loyal idiots are celebrating a true hero of the illuminati cause G. Garibaldi
another Master of the Propaganda lodge…yes what we now know as P2!

And Cardinal Miguel Obando y Bravo another great illuminati manipulator should be kept under close inspection and scrutiny these days as he is very active in the illuminati lobby and very close to our dear Ratzinger.

And it doesn’t matter if you are a Communist these days as Licio Gelli and the Vatican are now doing openly business with their «former enemies».

In the city of Rome ruled by the left wing Vatican Knight of Malta Walter Veltroni business is very easy for Licio Gelli these days, yes he was actually about to open a five star restourant in the middle of a park called Villa Ada this year , Villa Ada is one the most beautiful parks in Rome…rent for this space in a public park in the middle of Rome was only believe it or not 2000 dollars a year for Brother Licio!!!

Special price for top mafiosi, are we going insane? The Vatican is a bunch of dangerous criminals please get this point and you will finally understand the so called illuminati.

Best Regards,
Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan


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