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Italiensk Illuminati blir etterforsket av Henry John Woodcock

juni 28, 2007

In Italy a scandal has finally unfolded at the beginning of June related to a so called new “secret society” , an irregular masonic illuminati lobby that we have actually been exposing in our site Illuminati Confessions for many months now. This group of illuminati based in Livorno (Italy) connected to the Monte Carlo lodge practiced freemasonry under the GLUT (Gran Loggia Unita Tradizionale ) of Luigi Piazza and the Grande Oriente Universale (GOU) of Mauro Lazzeri two puppets of the ex P2 working for Ezio Giunchiglia now investigated by the police that is also investigating in Milan Grand Master Francesco Toti of the Gran Loggia Scozzese indipendente d’Italia.These are dangerous and irregular masonic bodies created to influence public institutions, politics and the judicial and police organizations on behalf of the Vatican illuminati and their American CIA friends like Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri (obviously left out of the investigation).

Det ser ut til at det er mer enn hett vær i Italia for tiden. Les mer hos Leo Zagami eller Reuters (for de som kan italiensk). Les også mer om Henry John Woodcock på Wikipedia. Se også hans forrige korrupsjons-sak (gambling- og tobakksindustrien) og:

His inquiry into oil bribery – «Tangenti del Petrolio», of May last year involved top level politicians. But even more striking was his work in the case known as «Vip-Gate», which in December 2003 led to the indictment of 78 people including a number of politicians, two ministers, and personages of show business and journalism, along with officials of ministries, municipalities and public administrations.

Finnes det en statsadvokat som Woodcock med like mye «guts» i Norge? Neppe.

Se også: Chinese Secret Society Challenges Illuminati.

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