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En prosessert verden

april 24, 2007

Processed World magazine was founded in 1981 by a small group of dissidents, mostly in their twenties, who were then working in San Francisco’s financial district. The magazine’s creators found themselves using their only marketable skill after years of university education: “handling information.” In spite of being employed in offices as “temps,” few really thought of themselves as “office workers.” More common was the hopeful assertion that they were photographers, writers, artists, dancers, historians or philosophers.

Economics derives from the Greek word oikonomia: management of the house-hold. The distance between the ancient and modern notions of economics can be perceived if one notes the utter irrationality of applying the character Homo oeconomicus to domestic relationships, where it is still considered pathological for family members to act as self-interested competitors. For the ancient Greeks, «householding» was production for one’s group’s own use (autarchy, or self-sufficiency)–not for gain or money-making, which was regarded as «not natural to man» (Aristotle). Money-making was «limitless» and anti-social.

Fra Trading Futures: The Abolition of the Economy.

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