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Et fingeravtrykk for en øl

mars 9, 2007

 Grøss og gru. Ta deg en slurk før du leser videre:

LONDON—Drinkers in the U.K. could soon be asked to leave their fingerprints and personal data at the bar every time they buy a pint in a pub or club. Bar owners who refuse to comply will have their liquor licenses revoked.

The checks are part of a scheme, set to be introduced nationwide, to reduce crime and keep troublemakers out of every pub or club in their town or city.

But human rights campaigners oppose the plan, saying it smacks of Big Brother and assumes drinkers are “guilty until proven innocent.”

Guy Herbert, of privacy campaign group No2ID, said, “People are having to post bail in the form of their fingerprints merely to have a drink.”

Via den sikre kilden Modern Drunkard Magazine.

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